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This feasibility study proposes extension of the successful industrialisation of building components to building a complete house from components. The aim is to transform the intelligence, competences and skills of the construction process into intelligently designed components of the self assembly kind, just as IKEA did with furniture. The projects technical focus is on a USB inspired interface between physical building components. An open source physical standard interface makes it possible to assemble components from different industries. And to disassemble components, moving them and reassembling them differently just like a LEGO building. Similar to the real hardware components, related engineering software components shall be plugged together in order to build simulation and assessment models. This will be the first ever attempt to fully industrialise maintenance, remodelling and reconstruction of building, a sector of the same magnitude as the new buildings sector.


Scientific Objectives

Plug & Play objectives are :


Interaction with users and Stakeholders

The Users and stakeholders are taking part into the Plug & Play by participating theWP2 “ User centered innovation visualising the concept in 3D” .



DTI – (DK)
VTT – Technical Research Centre of Finland (FI)
AAA- Aarhus School of Architecture (DK)
CSTB - Centre Scientifique et Technique du Batiment (FR)
Lund- University (SE)
Profactor Produktionsforschungs GmbH  (AT)



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